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Chesil Beach and the Fleet

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Last updated 30 November 2022

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See 'Bombing Range'

Dragon's Teeth


The remains of anti-tank defences at the point where Chesil Beach meets the mainland at Abbotsbury. This also marks the limit of access to the beach during the bird nesting season.

Duck decoy

An arrangement of nets and poles over a small inlet to lure ducks into a closed area where they can easily be caught. There is an example of a decoy in Abbotsbury Swannery that was originally used to provide food for the monastery, but is now used to catch ducks for ringing. It may be the oldest surviving duck decoy in England.

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East Cliff


A 50 metre high cliff to the south-east of West Bay at the northern end of Chesil Beach. The distinctive shape is often used in publicity material for the area. It is also a GCR site.

East Fleet


The hamlet around Fleet old church. There is also a large campsite at the nearby East Fleet Farm. The hamlet is the remaining section of a larger village destroyed in the big storm of 1824.


See 'Zostera'

The dragons teeth at Abbotsbury