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Chesil Beach and the Fleet

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Last updated 18 February 2021

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A village at the north-west end of the Fleet. Famous for its Swannery and Tropical Gardens. For more information go to either the village website or the Abbotsbury Tourism website

Access along Chesil Beach

Access to all parts of Chesil Beach from the Wyke Regis boundary stone at the southern end to the dragon's teeth at Abbotsbury is not permitted during the bird nesting season from 1st April to the end of August. Access to the Fleet slope of the beach in the same area is not permitted at any time to protect the very delicate environment. If in doubt contact the Fleet Warden before accessing the beach.

Access to the Fleet land shore

Please use only the marked footpaths to access the area. Please respect farmer's crops when walking. Access to the upper Fleet land shore beyond Langton Hive is restricted to protect sensitive habitats.

Air crashes

A number of aircraft have crashed into the Fleet, Chesil Beach and adjacent areas of Lyme Bay. For a complete listing of air crashes in Dorset, including those around Chesil Beach, visit the Dorset air crash website.

Anchor testing

The sandy beach near the Chesil Visitors Centre was used by the Admiralty to test the effectiveness of anchors in the 1950's. All that remains now is the concrete base of the winch used to pull the anchors.

Anchor test winch base