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This page shows pictures from Burton Hive Beach at the northern end of Chesil Beach. If you have any old pictures or postcards of this area that can help fill in the gaps then please contact ed@chesilbeach.org.

Click on an image to see a higher resolution version of that picture. The high resolution pictures are typically 800X600 pixels. If you would like a copy of the picture at the original resolution then contact ed@chesilbeach.org.


Postmarked July 1910

Although postmarked 1910, it is believed that the original photo is much earlier, possibly 1897. Another earlier postcard shows an identical view, but without the three ladies, who appear to have been painted on. Note the main access road is over Burton Cliff to the road down into the main village.


October 2007

Same view as above, as close as is now possible. The old access road has now disappeared due to cliff erosion. The two large houses have been much extended. The left-hand one is now the Burton Cliff Hotel. Note the erosion in the foreground, and the undercutting of Burton Cliff. Part of the long wall across the cliff has also disappeared.

Burton Hive Beach is located south of Burton Bradstock and was originally used by local fishermen. Part of the area is now owned by the National Trust. Burton Cliff

Unmarked card, date unknown

Several new huts have appeared above Cliff Road. A new bungalow has appeared on the cliff top next what is now the Burton Cliff Hotel.




Unpostmarked, believed 1930's

A collection of wooden huts can be seen on or close to the beach. The large house on the cliff top has acquired a conservatory on the front.


October 2007

The original vantage point is no longer available, this was as close as I could get. The National Trust car park has now been built over the original site. All the wooden huts have gone, although traces of the foundations remain.

  Burton Cliff 8

Postmarked August 1934

More wooden huts have appeared above Cliff Road and on this side of the bay.

  Cliff Road

Not postmarked

Believed to have been taken on the same day as the previous card.

Most of this road has now disappeared into the sea and only a remnant footpath remains.

  Burton Hive Beach

Postmarked 1947

Although the postmark says 1947 it is believed the picture was actually taken in the late 1930's.


Postmarked 1954

A curious picture that seems to have been staged for the camera. There are two groups of locals, and two groups of visitors. The couple in the foreground seem oblivious to the group of fishermen and boys staring at them!

  Summer day

Postmarked 1934

A summer's day on Burton Hive Beach. Note the horse and cart track close in under the cliff and also along the shore line. The shadows suggest the the picture was taken mid-afternoon.

Freshwater is located west of Burton Bradstock. The lagoon is formed by the River Bride percolating through the pebbles of Chesil Beach. A large camp site has grown up around the lagoon in recent times. Camp


This picture is of Freshwater caravan park and it is believed to have been taken in 1955. East Cliff can be seen in the background and beyond that Golden Cap. The river is the River Bride.

  Camp 1960 1960?

This picture is also of Freshwater caravan park and is believed to have been taken in 1960. Burton Cliff is in the background.


Not Postmarked, date unknown

This picture is of Freshwater, but the date is believed to be much earlier than the two pictures above as there appears to be significantly less erosion of the cliff line. The look and feel of the card suggests it could be 1920's.

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