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This page shows pictures from the area around Abbotsbury. If you have any old pictures or postcards of this area that can help fill in the gaps then please contact ed@chesilbeach.org.

Click on an image to see a higher resolution version of that picture. The high resolution pictures are typically 800X600 pixels. If you would like a copy of the picture at the original resolution then contact ed@chesilbeach.org.

My thanks to Veryan Walters for the loan of the first postcard.


Not Postmarked

The picture shows the village of Abbotsbury with the Swannery and Chesil Beach in the background. The picture is believed to date from before 1920.


Postmarked 1908

Shows the swanherd at the Swannery with Chesil Beach in the background.


Not postmarked, believed 1960's

Similar view, with Chesil Beach in background.

  Upper Fleet

Moonfleet Hotel and Upper Fleet

This card was a hotel card and shows Fleet House, recently converted to be the Moonfleet Hotel, the Upper Fleet and Chesil Beach. It is postmarked 1959. Abbotsbury Swannery can be seen in the distance.



  Moonfleet hotel 2009

Moonfleet Hotel 2009

This is the same view as above, but taken September 2009. Note the many additions and alterations that have taken place to the hotel. The area around it is still remarkably similar.

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