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This page shows pictures from Portland at the southern end of Chesil Beach. These pictures continue the sequence from 1980 to 2007. The pictures are arranged in time sequence determined by the progressive development of the area.

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Again, not postmarked, but may have been taken during the late 1980's. The seawall in Chiswell has been extended southwards and the air station has been expanded with new hangars by the oil tanks and the golf ball approach radar radar. There is a Wessex helicopter by the radar. The south entrance to the Beach Road car park has been closed and the car park divided. All traces of the railway have gone.

If you have any old postcards or pictures that could help fill the gaps in the sequence or provide better dating information then please contact ed@chesilbeach.org 199?


This card is not postmarked but is believed to date to around 1996. The heliport is still operational and has the newer golfball approach radar. The Weares in the foreground have been landscaped.

  April 2007

April 2007

This photograph was taken in April 2007. The heliport is now disappearing to be replaced by the Watersports Centre in readiness for the 2012 Olympics sailing events. The two oil tanks nearest to Castletown are being demolished and only 6 of the tanks remain on the Mere.



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