The Public Meeting

A meeting open to the public was held in Willowbed Hall, Chickerell on 15th November 2010. It consisted of a number of presentations by members of the Fleet Study Group on a variety of topics set out below. In addition there was a small display of artefacts associated with the Fleet and Chesil beach and a set of posters covering a wide variety of subjects. See the poster page for more information on the posters.

The meeting programme is shown below. It is hoped to make versions of the presentations suitable for downloading available as soon as possible. These presentations are all copyright of their authors, but we will make them freely available for non-commercial personal, education and academic use only.

The programme

Welcome and introduction. Ed Harland, Chairman, Fleet Study Group.

Chesil and the Fleet: What is special about the area? Rachel Waldock, Natural England.

The formation of Chesil beach. Richard Edmonds, Dorset County Council World Heritage Site team.

The biological importance of the Fleet and Chesil Bank habitats. Bryan Edwards, Dorset Environmental Records Centre (DERC).

Introduction to the posters. Ed Harland, Chairman, Fleet Study Group.


Portland Harbour - a perfect location. Sandie Wilson, Portland Port.

Archaeology of the Fleet. Gordon Le Pard, Dorset County Council.

Human influences today. Don Moxom, Warden of the Fleet.

Conclusions and questions. Ed Harland, Chairman, Fleet Study Group.

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