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Chesil Beach and the Fleet Nature Reserve

Photographic Competition 2011

Spirit of the Sea

'The Spirit of the Sea'


The competition was judged by well known local professional photographer Finnbarr Webster. Prizes were presented by Tony Bates, the President of the Dorset Wildlife Trust, who is a celebrated photographer of the natural world. Winners of the Spirit of the Sea Festival Photographic Competition met on the Fleet Observer to receive their prizes. Fittingly, first prize in all categories was a signed copy of a brand new book ‘Dorset - A Naturalist’s County’ superbly illustrated with Tony’s photographs and written by one of Dorset’s foremost wildlife experts, Nigel Webb.

There were three categories this year and the winners were:
Open Category - Cathy Foley, Mick Rose, Paula Fry.
Underwater Category - Spike Piddock
Junior Category - James Jefferies.



  Open Section

Paula Fry

Tony Bates presents the open category first prize to Paula Fry on board the Fleet Observer

Open 1st

The winning picture in the Open Section


Open 2nd

The runner up picture from Mick Rose

Cathhy Foley Tony Bates presents the open category third prize to Cathy Foley on board the Fleet Observer

Open 3rd

In third place was this picture from Cathy Foley

  Underwater Section
Spike Piddock Spike Piddock is presented with the first prize in the underwater category.

Underwater 1st

The winning underwater photograph by Spike Piddock.

  Junior Section
James Jeffries James Jeffries is presented with first prize in the Junior category.

Junior 1st

The winning picture in the junior category fromJames Jeffries.



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