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Note that these lists are not exhaustive. They will be added to as further sightings suggest either new species or extend the known range of existing species.


Chesil Beach is a major shingle beach and provides a maritime shingle environment. The seaward side of the beach is highly mobile under storm conditions and cannot support any plant communities. The eastern side of the beach is much more stable enabling plant communities to get established. In some areas the beach is sufficiently stable for a turf to form, particularly at Ferrybridge.

Apart from plants, the beach supports a rich variety of lichens and a few mosses. There are very few shrubs and no trees growing on the beach.

There is sufficient food from the plants and other sources to support a few mammals and the beach is used by a number of bird species for nesting.

The lists below show species that actually live, hunt, and/or nest on the beach. Transient species such as migrant birds are not included. Click on the groups below to see the species lists.

Nesting birds

For a complete checklist of the birds of Chesil Beach and the Fleet click here.

Chesil beach
Chesil Beach looking south from the Narrows towards Portland. Note the turfed areas on the back of the beach.


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